Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Axhilirit© HO Ointment and Petrochemicals

Axhilirit© HO Ointment and Petrochemicals

06.02.2017: This morning I had to deliver a special order of Axhilirit Ointment to a client that had suffered serious burns, AGAIN! Due to previous experience with Axhilirit Ointment, we were not the avenue of last resort for a change, so the prognosis for healing without scarring or much reduced scarring is much better as last time when infection set in despite the best efforts of a valiant wound care nurse.

Now to the interesting part of the story. Our client had just started a new relationship with a lady that was very vocal in her opposition to everything petrochemical, and was horrified to hear that the basis of the Axhilirit Ointment is medical grade petroleum jelly due to previous experience with inconsistent purity and sterility of natural alternatives(the only product that we do make that is not 100% natural). This statement was made while feeding, um…let’s call him Joe, Inza anti-inflammatories (Ibuprufen), Panado (Paracetamol), and an antibiotic. She was quite surprised and taken aback when I notified her that she had just stuffed Joe full of petrochemical derivatives, as each and every one of the medications she had administered were made from products derived from the oil industry, either purposefully created, or by using waste products. She was only convinced when I provided her with the following references:

Few people know that when natural resources, modified bacteria or GMO organisms cannot provide the more simple chemical compounds needed for drugs, the most cost effective alternative is petrochemicals. Here is an incomplete list of the chemical compounds derived from petrochemicals that is commonly found in medication:
Fluconazole, Amlodipine Besylate, Cetirizine Dihydrochloride, Artesunate, Atenolol, Artemether Chloroquine Phosphate, Citalopram HBR, Glimepiride, Frusemide, Losartan Potassium, Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate, Lansoprazole, Omeprazole Magnesium, Itraconazole, Quetiapine Fumerate, Olanzapine, Ferrous Ascorbate, Vitamin C Coated, Chlorzoxazone, and Sodium Ascorbate -

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rejuvinit© Nails the Original Natural Nail Oil #RejuvinitBeauty

Rejuvinit© Nails the Original Natural Nail Oil #RejuvinitBeauty 

Rejuvinit© Nails the Original Natural Nail Oil - Do not settle for replicas

Ideal for FUNGAL INFECTED nails and toenails
- Natural, plant-based, VEGAN friendly, no preservatives 
- Use on fungal infected nails / toenails
- Restores and Maintains naturally beautiful, strong nails
- Developed in conjunction with a nail technician
- Apply over nail varnish, gel and acrylic nails 
- 10ml contains approximately 250 applications
- Economical 
- Maintenance care - once a week application
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150 years of tradition available to the public since 2009
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Monday, 9 January 2017

Blog: Eczema Products That Really Work

Eczema Products that Really Work

Tried almost every avenue to relieve eczema or psoriasis?

Axhilirit© E Moisturizing products are suitable for all kinds of skin ECZEMA, show results within 4-6 days and have long lasting positive results as experienced by our clients since 2009.
Traditional - Natural - Plant Based - No Preservatives

Axhilirit E Oil - versatile, undiluted (strong) spot treatment for itchy and dry areas in hair, ears, on eye lids and inner joint areas. Mix your own creams or put in the bathwater for an overall moisturizing bath.

Axhilirit E Cream - full body cream ideal for face, hands and feet, leaves a protective layer on the skin against external contaminants. Addresses itchy skin fast.

Axhilirit E BALM - specifically developed for extremely dry and cracked skin, ideal for a longer release period and assistance with Psoriasis symptoms.

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Axhilirit© HO Skin Enhancing Ointment for Chapped Heels, Lips, Skin

Axhilirit© HO Ointment for Chapped Heels, Lips, Skin


For beautiful summer heels, burnt lips and other chapped areas on skin.

Apply 2-4 times per day. Clients have noted that with regular use of the Axhilirit© HO Ointment, chapped skin disappears and stays away.

Best treatment for chapped heels: soak feet in footbath for 15 min which contains 10 drops of Axhilirit© HO Oil. Scrub dead skin away with pumice stone before applying thin layer of Axhilirit© HO Ointment. Cover with socks while you sleep. Repeat as necessary, or apply Axhilirit© HO Ointment regularly for preventative care.

For preventative lip care, apply a thin layer of Axhilirit© HO Ointment (Original Lip Balm) to lips before exposure to sun, heat, or cold and windy conditions.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Blog: Eczema Cure in South Africa

Blog: Eczema Cure in South Africa

TRADITIONAL AXHILIRIT© E - Eczema Products that Work for Dry Skin, ECZEMA and Psoriasis symptoms.
Best products for contact dermatitis and other skin eczema.
Axhilirit© E Moisturizing products are suitable for all kinds of skin ECZEMA, show results within 4-6 days and have long lasting positive results as experienced by our clients since 2009.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Axhilirit HO - Traditional Treatment for Burns and Keloids - Feedback and images

Axhilirit HO - Traditional Treatment for Burns and Keloids
- Traditional Natural Remedy Treats Burns and Keloids quickly

Axhilirit© HO Skin Enhancing Healing Oil has been traditionally used for broken skin, burns, acne, insect bites, stings and on other open blemishes and wounds.
Popular with Adventurists, cooks, chefs, braaimasters, Mommies across the globe, Axhilirit© has been used on every continent.
We currently have clients in 35 Countries.
Always keep a handy supply available in your travel-bag, the kitchen, at the braai, in the car, in your pocket when out on excursions as First Line Treatment for any broken, scraped or blistered skin.

Feedback pictures received from a Burns client (as above), indicating the quick results Axhilirit HO Skin Enhancer achieves:
"Thank you!! I'm so grateful!!"
Loes Erdtsieck, SOURCE, Betty's Bay, South Africa, 11.12.2016

First Hand Feedback from a Burn Survivor regarding his experience with Axhilirit HO Skin Enhancer:

Below is a synopsis of my story… for your Blog.

On 4 September 2015 I was involved in a petrol fire in which I sustained 3rd degree burns to my left arm and hand, right lower arm and wrist, upper chest, left side of my neck and my entire left ear, 2nd degree to the rest of my neck, and 1st degree to my face, with small 3rd degree spots on my lips, nose and neck.

I spent 18 days in high care at Durbanville Mediclinic where I received fantastic care, which included a carpal tunnel release on the 4 September, and a skin graft from my left leg onto my left arm on 11 September. The reason for not grafting my right arm, chest and neck was that I lost too much blood during the first grafting session and I needed to recover first after receiving 5 units of blood post-op.  My grafts all took well and by the time I was able to undergo an additional grafting procedure, my outstanding burns had shown such remarkable recovery that is was decided to allow them to continue to heal naturally.

I have keloid skin in the family on my mother’s side. Soon after all the open wounds had closed up in October 2015, signs began to show that some keloids were growing. Western medicine only has 2 treatments: cortisone (with all of its associated complications and risks) and pressure garments. I wore pressure garments on my left arm and hand and right lower arm and wrist from December 2015. I was told about Axhilirit HO in January 2016, but was advised by my Occupational Therapist to not use anything other than aqueous cream. I should NOT have listened to her!

You will notice from the available pics that my keloids have grown substantially since March, particularly the ones on my neck, below my ear and on my cheek. These were much redder too. There is evidence that the pressure garments helped reduce the growth of keloids, as the thickness of the keloids that were covered by the pressure garments are much thinner and flatter than the areas where I could not wear them, like my shoulder, chest and neck. I could not leave the pressure garments off for more than 20 minutes a day without it feeling like the blood pressure in my arms and hand was going to burst through my scarred skin.

On 23 November 2016, the same colleague who told me about Axhilirit HO oil eleven months earlier, brought me a small amount to try. I was quite despondent after seeing so little improvement in the last 6 months that I decided to try it. My keloids had already grown anyway, my itching scars were driving me insane and I hated the necessary discomfort of the pressure garments. How much worse could it be?

I started using the Axhilirit HO oil on 23 November 2016. I experienced immediate relief from itching and improved elasticity, so I went out and bought some more.
Sunday 27 November 2016 was the last time I wore a pressure garment. I was able to leave all of them off without the usual blood pressure discomfort and pain referred to above. 

On 2 December 2016 I started using the Axhilirit HO ointment in conjunction with the Axhilirit HO oil, as this tends to keep the skin supple and moisturised for longer.

Today being 12 December, 19 days after starting to use the Axhilirit HO products, I am still enjoying daily improvements in the colour, texture, elasticity of all my burn scars and keloids. The nail bed on my thumb sealed up for the first time in 15 and a half months, just 3 days after starting to use Axhilirit HO oil. My hand’s dexterity is improving and the sensitivity of the scars is reducing. The swelling in all of the keloids, including the ones on my chest, neck, cheek and shoulder, is reducing and the colour is improving.

I have great anticipation for further healing at this pace and would recommend Axhilirit HO products to anyone who has similar issues.

Thank You

From: Mike Downey, 12 December 2016 1:29 PM

For more information on Healing Oil Products, #RejuvinitBeauty and #Axhilirit visit 

Monday, 5 December 2016

INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS BILL (B6-2016) - Open Letter to Parliament, Selling Our Heritage to the highest bidder?

INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS BILL (B6-2016) - Open Letter to Parliament, Selling Our Heritage to the highest bidder?

For Attention: Ms. Shanaaz Isaacs

I hereby wish to notify you of my objection to the PROTECTION, PROMOTION, DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS BILL (B6-2016) in its present form.

During the drafting of this Bill, no participation that I know of was invited by the authors, and is clearly reflected in the wording and spirit of the Bill.

South Africa has more than 200,000 traditional healers of all races, tribes, modalities and social and financial standing that at present are the custodians of Indigenous Knowledge as described in this Bill. The uncertainty caused by the CAMs regulations promulgated in 2013 has already negatively impacted the industry, with these new proposals just adding to the situation.

At present the information is free to use for any person that has that knowledge, with many a lay person also having access to it and actively using it to improve their health or treat minor disease. These new proposed laws will take that freedom from the common man as well as the majority of practitioners, as, according to the wording of the Bill, only one legal entity will be able to claim ownership to such knowledge that may be in the public domain. So who will be the best to licence as owner of this knowledge? Will it be first come first served, or will it be the one willing to pay the highest price? What remedy will those have that have been using this free knowledge for generations, but now have to pay a licence fee for something they have used for generations?

As we do not know what the financial impact of the process may be, the potential exists that this process will be unaffordable, or the process might be inaccessible to those that stand to gain or lose by it, placing Government in the default position of ownership after 12 months.
It is this last fact that is of most concern as recent history has shown that severe malpractice may be possible in this knowledge being sold to the highest bidder, with the accompanying possibility of corruption. Taking this in conjunction with the drive of pharmaceutical companies in obtaining new compounds for drugs, and willing to commit techno piracy, this opens the field for immense corruption. As we all have seen in recent international civil and criminal courts, pharmaceutical companies put profits before people.

Africa and its people have suffered severe wrongs from being Colonized, and these laws will place our heritage in the position where it can also be Colonized for a huge fee, with the accompanying loss in use, or used at a price that supports Colonialism.

The South African Government has recently opened up a new facility that promotes Chinese Traditional Medicines under an International Agreement with China, which will result in the opening of several such centres across the country and a hospital in the Western Cape if my knowledge is correct. In my opinion this is the initiative that Africa and South Africa needs to follow. The Chinese actively encourage the development and expansion of their own traditional medicinal knowledge in a national sense, then actively support the export of the knowledge, products and facilities. An example of this is mentioned in the opening of the facilities in South Africa, as well as assisting their practitioners and products to be registered in Australia. The commercial value in trade of Chinese medicines in 2012 was estimated to be $83 Billion, and 2015 it reached $90 Billion. These numbers are based on the export of 600 base plants and 240,000 tons of exports.

The Potential of South African Herbal Medicines as Export Product
South Africa alone has over 30,000 flowering plant species of which many are used for medicinal purposes. Eight plant species have shown potential to treat high blood pressure. In our fresh water eco systems alone, 230 traditional medicinal plants have been listed. It is estimated that the population of South Africa uses 700,000 tons of herbal products.

If these resources can be explored in a sustainable way, and the people of South Africa are encouraged to participate in a constructive manner, the potential exists for the export value of our own Traditional Knowledge in medicines to exceed that of Chinese medicine, instead of selling the rights to foreigners or companies. In this manner all South African can benefit.

The knowledge of using natural sources and plants for medicinal purposes has been around as long as man has been walking the earth, and should not be subjected to ownership by anyone, or be patentable by anyone. This information should stay open source as this was given to us by nature and our Creator to use, and no government, corporation or legal entity should have the power to own it.

Kind regards

Ronald Gibson