Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Axhilirit© for Clicker Finger Pain CURE (computer mouse injuries)

Clicker Finger Pain CURE (computer mouse injuries)

Thought your computer mouse is safe? Think again!
By repeated clicking, tendonitis or arthritis can develop in the finger joints used the most. This is not uncommon in massage therapists either, where their work put stress on their joints and muscles.

Axhilirit© HO Healing Oil combined with our Axhilirit© Pain Therapy products is the ideal treatment regime. Clients have reported that pain is manageable almost immediately and with regular use of Axhilirit© products, the condition spontaneously clears up. Re-apply Axhilirit© for a few days should you experience pain in the previously affected joint.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

* Beauty * Love * Tranquillity * Rejuvinit© Platinum Infinity Serum *

* Beauty * Love * Tranquillity * Rejuvinit© Platinum Infinity Serum *

Everyone is talking about change, but can you handle it when you experience it? 
Rejuvinit© Platinum Infinity Serum soothes the way, calms the nerves and awakens Infinite possibilities.

Apart from being anti-ageing (extremely strong serum for stubborn wrinkles), Rejuvinit© Platinum Infinity Serum is specifically formulated to enhance the endocrine system with feel-good hormones, heightening libido, as well as being anti-depressant in working.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Axhilirit© HO Traditional Healing Oil First Line Treatment for Burns

Axhilirit© HO Skin Enhancing Healing Oil has been traditionally used for burns

- Broken skin
- Burns
- Acne
- Insect and Spider Bites
- Stings
- Open blemishes and wounds
Popular with Adventurists, cooks, chefs, braaimasters, Mommies across the globe, Axhilirit has been used on every continent.
We currently have clients in 35 Countries.

Always keep a handy supply available in your hand and travel-bag, the kitchen, at the braai, in the car, in your pocket when out on excursions.

Traditional #Axhilirit and #RejuvinitBeauty trusted, result orientated products that have stood the test of time.
150 Years of Tradition, available to the public since 2009.
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Natural Skin Care - Plant Based - Vegan friendly - 
No Preservatives - Locally Manufactured 
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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Axhilirit© HO Ointment and Petrochemicals

Axhilirit© HO Ointment and Petrochemicals

06.02.2017: This morning I had to deliver a special order of Axhilirit Ointment to a client that had suffered serious burns, AGAIN! Due to previous experience with Axhilirit Ointment, we were not the avenue of last resort for a change, so the prognosis for healing without scarring or much reduced scarring is much better as last time when infection set in despite the best efforts of a valiant wound care nurse.

Now to the interesting part of the story. Our client had just started a new relationship with a lady that was very vocal in her opposition to everything petrochemical, and was horrified to hear that the basis of the Axhilirit Ointment is medical grade petroleum jelly due to previous experience with inconsistent purity and sterility of natural alternatives(the only product that we do make that is not 100% natural). This statement was made while feeding, um…let’s call him Joe, Inza anti-inflammatories (Ibuprufen), Panado (Paracetamol), and an antibiotic. She was quite surprised and taken aback when I notified her that she had just stuffed Joe full of petrochemical derivatives, as each and every one of the medications she had administered were made from products derived from the oil industry, either purposefully created, or by using waste products. She was only convinced when I provided her with the following references:

Few people know that when natural resources, modified bacteria or GMO organisms cannot provide the more simple chemical compounds needed for drugs, the most cost effective alternative is petrochemicals. Here is an incomplete list of the chemical compounds derived from petrochemicals that is commonly found in medication:
Fluconazole, Amlodipine Besylate, Cetirizine Dihydrochloride, Artesunate, Atenolol, Artemether Chloroquine Phosphate, Citalopram HBR, Glimepiride, Frusemide, Losartan Potassium, Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate, Lansoprazole, Omeprazole Magnesium, Itraconazole, Quetiapine Fumerate, Olanzapine, Ferrous Ascorbate, Vitamin C Coated, Chlorzoxazone, and Sodium Ascorbate - http://business.mapsofindia.com/india-petroleum-industry/petrochemicals-in-healthcare.html#sthash.NdIlvqqD.dpuf

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rejuvinit© Nails the Original Natural Nail Oil #RejuvinitBeauty

Rejuvinit© Nails the Original Natural Nail Oil #RejuvinitBeauty 

Rejuvinit© Nails the Original Natural Nail Oil - Do not settle for replicas

Ideal for FUNGAL INFECTED nails and toenails
- Natural, plant-based, VEGAN friendly, no preservatives 
- Use on fungal infected nails / toenails
- Restores and Maintains naturally beautiful, strong nails
- Developed in conjunction with a nail technician
- Apply over nail varnish, gel and acrylic nails 
- 10ml contains approximately 250 applications
- Economical 
- Maintenance care - once a week application
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150 years of tradition available to the public since 2009
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Monday, 9 January 2017

Blog: Eczema Products That Really Work

Eczema Products that Really Work

Tried almost every avenue to relieve eczema or psoriasis?

Axhilirit© E Moisturizing products are suitable for all kinds of skin ECZEMA, show results within 4-6 days and have long lasting positive results as experienced by our clients since 2009.
Traditional - Natural - Plant Based - No Preservatives

Axhilirit E Oil - versatile, undiluted (strong) spot treatment for itchy and dry areas in hair, ears, on eye lids and inner joint areas. Mix your own creams or put in the bathwater for an overall moisturizing bath.

Axhilirit E Cream - full body cream ideal for face, hands and feet, leaves a protective layer on the skin against external contaminants. Addresses itchy skin fast.

Axhilirit E BALM - specifically developed for extremely dry and cracked skin, ideal for a longer release period and assistance with Psoriasis symptoms.

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Axhilirit© HO Skin Enhancing Ointment for Chapped Heels, Lips, Skin

Axhilirit© HO Ointment for Chapped Heels, Lips, Skin


For beautiful summer heels, burnt lips and other chapped areas on skin.

Apply 2-4 times per day. Clients have noted that with regular use of the Axhilirit© HO Ointment, chapped skin disappears and stays away.

Best treatment for chapped heels: soak feet in footbath for 15 min which contains 10 drops of Axhilirit© HO Oil. Scrub dead skin away with pumice stone before applying thin layer of Axhilirit© HO Ointment. Cover with socks while you sleep. Repeat as necessary, or apply Axhilirit© HO Ointment regularly for preventative care.

For preventative lip care, apply a thin layer of Axhilirit© HO Ointment (Original Lip Balm) to lips before exposure to sun, heat, or cold and windy conditions.