Thursday, 28 January 2016

Chapped Skin on Lips and Heels

What can I use for Chapped Skin on Lips, Heels

Axhilirit© HO Ointment
Axhilirit© HO Ointment has been formulated to preserve moisture while gently assisting in the restoration of chapped skin.
Apply a small amount of Axhilirit© HO Ointment two to three times a day to Lips and twice a day to other chapped skin areas.
The best treatment for chapped heels is to apply Axhilirit© HO Ointment after a bath. Cover with socks through the night. This can be done for maintenance as well.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Axhilirit E - Products that Work for all kinds of topical Eczema

Axhilirit E - Products that Work for all kinds of topical Eczema!

Clients in 35 Countries because it works!

Axhilirit© E (Eczema) traditional natural moisturizers with Baobab and Jojoba nourishes all kinds of dry, itchy, flaky, scaly and even weeping or broken Eczema-prone skin.

Suitable to use on the eyelids, in the hair, on the scalp, in the ears and other difficult areas.  
Axhilirit© E (Eczema) Oil is versatile, can be used with other creams and oils, as a bath oil and works exceptionally well as a spot treatment.

Axhilirit© E (Eczema) Cream is a rich moisturizing cream best suited for extremely dry skin and on the face, hands and feet where it leaves a non-greasy protective layer.

Axhilirit© Ointment has been found to be supportive of eczema-prone skin-types and to alleviate psoriasis symptoms where a fatty base is needed but no itching is involved.

Axhilirit© E Moisturizing Balm (Limited Edition) is a Fatty version of the Cream, ensuring a longer release period for areas that are extremely dry. Psoriasis clients have found considerable benefit from the Balm to alleviate symptoms. Please note this product is currently a Limited Edition, so contact us to ensure it is in stock before ordering.
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Note: The above is based on the personal opinion of the writer. The information has been compiled from 20 years of personal experience, feedback from skin care professionals, and other clients. 
Contact a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. 
Healing Oil Products may assist in the treatment of blemished skin conditions and nails. Due to its natural workings it should not be considered a quick fix or a miracle cure.
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Friday, 22 January 2016

Pain Relief with Axhilirit Pain Therapy

Pain Relief with Axhilirit Pain Therapy

axhilirit© pain therapy
topical ANTI-inflammatory pain relief
On-the-Go application suitable for almost instant relief from painful muscles and inflammatory joint conditions.
Quick absorbing.
No fatty residue. 
Ideal for Sports injuries and painful joints.
Popular with Extreme Sports People to minimize recovery time from muscle injuries.

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Friday, 8 January 2016

Eczema is an Autoimmune Disease

Eczema is an autoimmune disease

We have been advising our clients for years that eczema is an autoimmune disorder. Now it has finally been officially proven.

Of interest is that now that a patentable drug is in development, it is marketed as proof that eczema is an autoimmune disease despite the fact that it has been known and proven in studies since at least 1993.

It was due to these studies and the existence of natural plant oils that were suspected of regulating these proteins (also linked with itching sensation) that led to me developing a natural product six years ago for eczema and itchy skin conditions. But because it is made from natural products it cannot be patented.

Once again when natural products pave the way it is discarded or seen as quackery, but when it can be synthesized and made into a lucrative medication, all take note and Dollar signs abound.

Our Axhilirit E Natural Moisturizers were developed to nourish eczema-prone skin.
7 out of 10 clients who have used Axhilirit E for a short period of time reported that they no longer have eczema-type flare-ups.
You do not need to use Healing Oil Products forever, therefore the reason we ask clients to please refer our products to friends and family members with the same kind of irritations.

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Note: The above is based on the personal opinion of the writer. The relevant information has been compiled from 20 years of personal experience and feedback from clients.
Contact a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.
Discontinue product should you experience a sensitivity response.

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