Friday, 8 January 2016

Eczema is an Autoimmune Disease

Eczema is an autoimmune disease

We have been advising our clients for years that eczema is an autoimmune disorder. Now it has finally been officially proven.

Of interest is that now that a patentable drug is in development, it is marketed as proof that eczema is an autoimmune disease despite the fact that it has been known and proven in studies since at least 1993.

It was due to these studies and the existence of natural plant oils that were suspected of regulating these proteins (also linked with itching sensation) that led to me developing a natural product six years ago for eczema and itchy skin conditions. But because it is made from natural products it cannot be patented.

Once again when natural products pave the way it is discarded or seen as quackery, but when it can be synthesized and made into a lucrative medication, all take note and Dollar signs abound.

Our Axhilirit E Natural Moisturizers were developed to nourish eczema-prone skin.
7 out of 10 clients who have used Axhilirit E for a short period of time reported that they no longer have eczema-type flare-ups.
You do not need to use Healing Oil Products forever, therefore the reason we ask clients to please refer our products to friends and family members with the same kind of irritations.

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Note: The above is based on the personal opinion of the writer. The relevant information has been compiled from 20 years of personal experience and feedback from clients.
Contact a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.
Discontinue product should you experience a sensitivity response.

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