Thursday, 7 November 2013

What can I use for Blog Introduction

Hi Everyone

After being inundated with 'What can I use for . . . ' questions, I decided to start this blog in order to assist people in pointing them in the right direction.

Of course I am going to be biased and can only speak about what my own products can assist you with, but this is an open forum and anyone with advice, or alternatives is welcome to contribute to the information by leaving comments.

Please do not be rude or undermining and give everyone a fair chance as not all products work for everyone.

We have clients that we rather refer or advise to try other products as our products may not be suitable for them.

These clients would be appreciative to be able to have alternative avenues to try and sort out their skin disorders.

The use of the information on this blog or forum is for consultative purposes only and not meant to be used for diagnosis or to substitute the advice provided by a healthcare professional.

Kind Regards