Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Healing Oil Products in Salon Care - Spa Treatments - Therapist Use

Healing Oil Products in Salon Care - Spa Treatments - Therapist Use

Healing Oil Products has been found to enhance Salon Care and Complimentary treatments by using a few drops of either Axhilirit© or Rejuvinit©. 
Overall feedback from Beauty and Massage Therapists is that clients love their treatments and cannot wait to come back for more. 

Our most popular Salon Care product 
- suitable for: 
Natural Nail and Cuticle enhancer 
General nail care 
Prevention and treatment of fungal infected nails under Gel or Acrylic tips 
Apply over nail varnish, gel or acrylic nail, no removal necessary 
Will not damage varnish, gel or acrylic nails 
Growing a good nail base for gel or acrylic nails 
Diabetic nails 
Management of ingrown or thickened toenails 

- suitable for: 
Natural Botox Alternative 
Enhance other anti-ageing regimes 
Long lasting results 

- suitable for: 
General skin rejuvenation 
Enhances beauty treatments 
Ideal for Relaxation and rejuvenating hand, foot or body massages 
Can be added to rejuvenating baths and foot spas 
Excellent for Acne Scars 

- suitable for: 
Topical Pain relief and management 
Gel - non-greasy, quick absorbing for almost instant pain relief 
Balm - ideal for deep tissue massages 
Can be used with other massage oils 

 - suitable for: 
Detox / invigorating massages 
Detox / invigorating foot spa 
Reflexology lymph drainage 
Diabetic foot treatments 
Fungal infected feet 
Accidental salon burns 

 - suitable for: 
Cracked skin 
Accidental salon burns 

 - suitable for: 
Application to Itchy, eczema-type areas on skin exposed to chemicals 
Axhilirit© Eczema Cream leaves a light, non-greasy protective layer on the skin 
Extremely dry and flaky skin 
Use moisturising oil in foot spa instead of Axhilirit© Oil if the client has dry skin 
Hyper-moisturising cream to apply after foot/hand treatments 

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