Friday, 21 October 2016

ALERT: Eczema SCAMS using our Great Axhilirit Eczema Name

ALERT: Latest Eczema SCAMS using our Great Axhilirit Eczema Name - Buyer Beware!

Axhilirit Eczema Products versus Eczema Free Forever ebook.

Concerned clients in the UK alerted us that Axhilirit E Eczema's name was used for click-bait to draw people to the EczemaFreeForever website.

When you have an amazing product that really works, unscrupulous people may use your name as a drawing card to steal the banking details and money of legitimate clients.

This scam (a long standing one) involves an ebook called 'Eczema Free Forever' about how to supposedly cure eczema. When you search Axhilirit Eczema on the www, references with our exact phrases that are available on our website comes up as the meta-tags and intro on search engines of 'affiliates' to this company. This is open fraud as it is a copyright infringement.

When you click through and open the website, Kaspersky goes ballistic, warning about phising software.

Contact details for Axhilirit Eczema and Rejuvinit Beauty Products  
Head Office +27 72 588 9090 (and Official outlets as listed on this website)


  1. Please share to help us nail these guys where it hurts.
    Clearly these "affiliates" (a designation normally given by many multi level marketing companies that add no real value to client's lives or are just plain scam schemes), realize that their product, Eczema Free Forever, is so crap that they have to depend on the reputation of products like mine that really works to hijack internet searches in order to lure potential customers to scam. They do this by using phrases of well respected companies as metatags and descriptions, which prompt search engines like Google to bring up results resembling sites like mine, with the links leading to their scam sites. On the home site, these "affiliates" are even given training on how to do this. The product packaging is cleverly designed to give the impression that they sell a physical product which then turns out to be a digital book. Neither the "author", nor the product company can be traced, and the parent company is All the websites have bought privacy in order not to be traceable.

  2. Latest scams using our Great Axhilirit and Rejuvinit Names to draw unsuspecting clients to their SCAM sites! Please feel free to share this information.

  3. Axhilirit is truly the best product for Eczema. I can only encourage Healing Oil Products to please continue the great work they are doing.